Choosing A Guitar for Your Beginner

Two years ago, my second daughter, who was barely six years old by then started to show unmeasurable interest in music. She would remain glued on TV whenever any type of music was playing. By the time she was seven years, she had identified a neighbor with a guitar who actually became her friend the first time they met. She wanted to spend all her time with her friend and it was always a fight whenever I went for her. She would come from school, change her clothes and rush to her friend where they would play the guitar together.

Tips for choosing a starter guitar

Well, it was very clear that my little angel was in love with a guitar. So, I went to the market to find her one. Picking a guitar for my family’s newest musician wasn’t easy. I had had to juggle my budget with my daughter’s expectations. I went back to consult my neighbor on how to get the best acoustic guitar for my kid. He gave me the following tips:


The best acoustic guitar for a young musician should have thinner necks as compared to standard instruments. A guitar with a neck that has smaller width dimension is great because it allows my daughter to wrap her hands comfortably around it. This allows her to play comfortably.


The action of an acoustic guitar simply refers to the distance between the strings and the fretboard. If a guitar has its strings far from its fretboard, then it has a high action. And if the fretboard and the strings are close to each other, the instrument has a low action. The best instrument for a kid should have low action because it is very easy to play. Kids will definitely find it difficult to play guitars with high action


Intonation is a very important factor to consider. It simply refers to the tone of a guitar as the player moves up the instrument’s fretboard. Before I buy any acoustic guitar for my daughter, I have to taste its intonation first. If I tune it and realize that it is out of tone, it means that the instrument doesn’t have a quality intonation.


All musicians, even as young as my daughter, love instruments that look good. To motivate my daughter to learn and enjoy playing, I have to buy an acoustic guitar that looks beautiful and pleasing. It is also befitted to her size thus it is not too heavy or too light.

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Reviews of the best acoustic guitars for beginners

Yamaha JR2

Yamaha JR2

Yamaha JR2 3/4 size is sold with a nice looking carry bag is a great, little instrument that is small enough for the hands of my daughter. This makes it extremely easy to play. Even though it is small, it plays more or less like a real instrument. Compared to its small body, the tone is really good, and it stays in tune. Because of its small size, this guitar is portable and my daughter can easily travel with it to wherever she goes.


Sounds great

Covered in a nice bag with multiple pockets

Nice look

Small and portable

It stays in tune


Very small

The fret space is a bit tight

Fender MA- 1 3/4 Size/Black

Fender MA- 1 3/4 Size/Black

Designed to be used in school music curriculums, this guitar has a necessary playability and sound. It provides my daughter with an improved, easy playing experience.Even though small and less expensive, this instrument provides a playing experience that is similar to that of a more costly full-sized guitar.

Featuring an upgraded turner, this instrument has a more stable intonation, which makes it a great product for beginners and individual students whose hands are small, and would be more comfortable with easy-to-play, smaller guitars.

Because this 3/4 size acoustic guitar is meant for children between the age of 7 and 11, it is just what my 8-year-old daughter needed. Simply put, this instrument is much easier for my daughter to learn with. I would highly recommend it to any parent with a new musician in the family.

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Great size for small hands

Nice  quality

Comes with a nice gig bag

Stays in tune

Small size and lightweight


Needs a professional to set it up