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Guard Yourself Against The Flu

I really don’t want anyone in my family to get sick again especially this year. For the better part of last year, my kids and I got laid up for many days with chills, diarrhea, muscle aches and headaches, which resulted from flu.

Reports show that about 15 percent of the country’s population gets flu every year. I don’t want any of my family members to be among them. Not again! Did I mention that flu used to attack me because of my poor health habits? Of course, I realized that I was the problem. I got tired of the flu attacking me, my kids and many others around us because we also spread it.

Tips to guard against germs

After realizing that I was the problem, I started living healthily. More than seven months down the line, none of my family members have been attacked by flu. Here are some of the health behaviors that keep us safe from flu menace.

Getting a vaccine


My doctor told me that vaccine is the best way to stay free from flu-causing germs. He added that no matter how clean I wash my hands, I still breathe. Particles of Flu aerosol are not visible, and can actually travel for more than 10 feet. This means that I can easily breathe in flu aerosol particles. Vaccine is extremely important because it primes the body to launch a flu-fighting response all the time. So, I ensured that everyone in my family got the vaccine.

Having clean hands all the time

I have made handwashing a habit in my home. One can be exposed to flu while greeting a germy hand, touching a germy chair, pen and so on in the office or at school, and sometimes at home. If I clean my hands before I touch my face, I will have minimised chances of the germs reaching my nose, eyes, mouth and ears. In fact, these are the major entry points of germs into our systems. I have made my kids understand the importance of having clean hands all the time wherever they are, especially before eating, after coming from the restroom, and after being in any crowded place.

No more nail nibbling

Biting nails is a poor health habit. My youngest daughter could not get her nails off her teeth a year ago. But I realized she learned it from me. So, I stopped, and then explained to her why she should also stop. Yes, she did stop after a while.

I realized that by biting my nails, I am simply inviting germs into my system. Even though I have achieved making hand washing a habit, the truth is that no one can keep cleaning hands with sanitizer around the clock. I told my daughter that hands are always exposed to germs, and if we keep on rubbing our faces or biting our nails, we are actually making it easier for germs to enter our system. I gave the same information to everybody else in my house.

I keep my house clean

cleaning the kitchen

According to research, phones, furniture and computers contain more germs than our toilets. Like many other people out there, I wash my washroom at least three times a day. What about the rest of the items in the house? Well, I have learned my lesson. Nowadays, I do disinfect my phone at least once in three days. I take time to clean everything in my house to ensure we are free from germs.