Introducing Children to Music

I have had testimonies from many famous musicians about when they started practicing piano, performing on stage, writing their first symphony and so on. Ever since I was a young girl, my dream was to have kids who will be able to play musical instruments, sing exceptionally and perform on international stages when they grow up. BY this I am saying that I love music, and I even felt that my name, Ulla, had a musical connotation. Well, I still do. I wanted my kids to be better than me on all aspects of music.

When I got pregnant, I did a thorough research on what time I should introduce my little one to music lessons. I did this research before my little angel arrived because I didn’t want to waste any time and opportunity. One of my resource persons was my father. After all, he is the one who introduced me to music at age 3. One of the things he told me is that he wished he introduced me to music lessons immediately I was born.

First 6 months

father with child

After doing an extensive research, I realized that the best time to start thinking about starting music lessons for a kid is when it is barely a year old. In this way, a child can grow with music in stages until she can master it fully.

The goal of introducing my child to music at this stage is not to make her learn anything, but to simply expose her to rhythms and instruments and so on. Unless the goal of introducing a kid to music is to make him or her master the instruments, a child should be introduced to music before they celebrate their first birthday.

The main goal here should simply be to expose music instruments solely to make the child develop and gain meaningful experience with high quality music. The goal of the lesson here is not to make the child master any instrument or anything related to music.

Age three

Well, this is the exact age I was introduced to music lessons. But my father and other professionals say that I should have been introduced to the lessons within my first year. Age three is actually the best time for any parent to introduce a child to music lessons especially if the goal is to introduce formalized lessons. My daughter was able to master musical instruments because I introduced her to music within her first year.

At this age, I don’t teach a kid how to play any musical instrument. I concentrate on helping her learn how to identify melody, a bit in music, and identifying instruments. At this age, a teacher can take over the lessons with the kid.

Age five    

This is where I recommend the introduction of more formalized lessons because the child has now built a good foundation on music. The goal here is to help a child to have a more understanding of music and instruments, not to be a good performer. At this stage, I recommend that parents play violin and piano.    

Age 10

10 yr old girl

At this age, the child has developed a variety of skills that are associated with music and her instrument of choice. At the same time, the child also has enough physical strength that can enable her to try bigger musical instruments like an acoustic guitar for beginners.